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Athens Of The North

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On a creative explosion of late, Linkwoods productions have branched out in many directions, a collaboration LP with jazz Genius Greg Foat, Another with Local Edinburgh Legend Other lands with a load more yet to surface.

Linkwood now comes back to solo work with a hyper focused piece of electro goodness. Lo-fi but all the better for it, Mono comprises 14 deeply distilled tracks. After producing some more complex records it was time for a pure palate cleanser, we locked Nick in the Athens of the north studio for a week with his friends Moog and Oberheim to see what might happen. Somewhere between Electro, Early 80s Synth pop and techno the album is an extremely listenable piece as a whole, unpretentious and timeless. Sprinklings of Dave Stewart pop noodles, Newbuild, Early Era Nu Groove but very much Linkwood at the same time, I can't recommend this enough.


1. Bubbles
2. Candy Land
3. Shortwave
4. Rain & Shine / Byte Size
5. Squeeze
6. Endcoms
7. I Love You
8. No One's Perfect
9. Date-Line
10. Refresher
11. Kubes
12. Dust Jacket
13. Strangely Enough

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