Lonely Lover

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Studio Barnhus

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After appearances on 2019's "Studio Barnhus Volym 1" and 2020's "Serenity Now, Insanity Later" compilations, our dear friend Superpitcher finally appears in full solo mode on Studio Barnhus, with two emotive dance tracks like only Super does them.

"One quiet, locked down Parisian night, while the full moon swept over the weeping city, I was feeling... more than usual... loverless and lonely. As always in such times of deep heartache and gnawing melancholy, I turned to my studio for some substitute love. I worked until morning, lost in sound, feeling slightly better. I prepared to listen to the night's work while the young sun arrived over the empty boulevards, but when my hand touched the mixing console... BANG! BOOOOM! OUCH! I was electrocuted! After the shock, the smoke and the smell of burnt hair settled, I knew... this is it - the final lonely lover." - Superpitcher


Matt says: Gently Balearic, electronically skewed synth-pop here with enough propulsion to get you off the hammock and striding to the tiki bar.


A1. Lonely Lover
B1. Smile

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