Cultural Vibe

Ma Foom Bey

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Record Label
Easy Street

About this item

Fresh from 1986 comes THE all time proto-house / Afro crossover classic from Mr Winston Jones. "Ma Foom Bey" is one of THOSE records, totally flawless in production, arrangement and impact, and which causes a total shockwave everytime it's dropped. Forged out of stripped back drum machines, that cavernous, instantly recognizable bassline and those chants, it's been killing sound-systems stone dead since day one. Edited by the legendary Tony Humphries, who has a better grasp on chugging afro house, it has been subsequently caned by three generations of DJs across the world (a massive track at Electric Chair in the early 00s). Every home should have a copy of this, and no collection is complete without it. A record that will never go out of style and will always provoke buckwild reactions on any dancefloor it's dropped on! Shout out to Easy Street, for this 100% legit re-issue, re-master and re-press, essential wax!


A1. Ma Foom Bey (Love Chant Version)
B1. Ma Foom Bey (Rhythm Version)
B2. Ma Foom Bey (Special ZZB Version)

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