Mori Ra

MM Discos 13

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MM Discos

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Ace edit imprint MM Discos enlist Japan's pre-eminent authority of the scalpel art, Mori Ra. This gee has been a big favourite in Piccadilly since the day dot, and his ace appearance at Wet Play only enhanced his reputation for deep crates and expert adjustments. Eclecticism is the watchword, and Mori tackles all kinds of styles and flavours on his endless series of Soundcloud edits. 

Here the master of the Japanese breeze slices and dices his way through some out of body jazz-funk on the A1 before teasing a peak time psychedelic house burner out of some experimental and proggy J-electronics on the A2. Things continue to utterly excite on the flip, with the show-stealing "Natural Kogili" ticking all my cosmic disco boxes and the naive techno tropical killer "Der Hangebruckenlator's" bringing the curtain down.


A1. El Grito Del Discos
A2. Tsimmairuudiralla
B1. Natural Kogili
B2. Der Hangebruckenlator's

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