East Coast Love Affair


Image of East Coast Love Affair - Confrontations
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Athens Of The North

About this item

For the 4th ECLA and the start of things opening up (maybe) Athens Of The North have gone full party mode, nothing too serious, just good dancefloor fun. Side one is a rebuild of a rare disco funk 45 by Homegrown Syndrome, while the flip houses "Shake", a deeper but no less dance floor friendly affair, sampling an AOTN 45 from a few years back to create a whole new Belizean disco house joint - winner winner chicken dinner!


Matt says: Two pretty hefty, rare-ass disco cuts here from AOTN which kick hard. Old elements, reblended and reconstructed for post-COVID fun and frolics when the clubs open again - get in!


1. Confrontations
2. Shake

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