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Parlour Cucina

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Foshe and Bentley are two separate entities who regularly collaborate in their home city of Sydney. Foshe create fully improvised polyrhythmic-afro-Latin-synth-ambient-jazz-house. The trio have been gigging heavily from 2018, engaging in energetic weekly residencies, and supporting artists from Lonnie Liston Smith to the 30/70 collective, Horatio Luna and ZFEX, GODTET and more.

Mike Bentley is a drummer who collaborates with friends around Sydney/Melbourne, creating deeply groovy, rhythmically hypnotic journeys through jazz, hip hop and house, inspired by the likes of Kamaal Williams & Vijay Iyer. Producing modern jazz-house combined with odd time signatures, Mike was a key driving force behind this set of new, live recordings.

The ‘Parlour Cucina’ album is the result of a live residency at the Sydney venue of the same name. The residency was split between sets with the regular Foshe trio (Mike, Zigi, Tom) and open collaborations with other artists through Bentley.


1. Breadsticks
2. Prosciutto
3. Negroni
4. Tech Yes
5. Fridays
6. Olives
7. Cheese 

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