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From the cavernous reverbed percussion and spoken word meanderings of 'It's Ok To Be Tired', it's clear that there is a wealth of influences that, while important to the overall feel of Meena's 2nd release 'Can't See', refuses to be bound by their comparisons. Though the opener is rich with the 80's post-punk aesthetic we all know and love, it finds itself more indebted to shoegaze and ambient than it would first appear. 

'God's Make Me Free' definitely leans into the shoegaze sound with a wall of rich guitar through some sort of pitchshifting delay, lending an otherwordly aesthetic that continues into 'Growing Old' but with the addition of electronic percussion and a tentative reverbed drawl. It's an intoxicating and rewarding first half to the release, that turns a corner into more subdued almost post-rock territory with 'Dying', albeit a little more overdrive. It's the vocals that really draw back into the post-punk sound, at once immediate but foreshadowed by mile-long delays and machinated clattering percussion. 

Closing things off with the astounding hypnotic duo of 'Bad Trip' and 'Alcohol', providing the perfect closing duo to the EP, displaying a keen sense of narrative closure, with 'Alcohol' being the perfect bombastic closer to an excellent journey. :Lovely stuff. 


1. It's Okay To Be Tired 03:56
2. God's Free Make Me 02:47
3. Growing Old 02:38
4. Dying 03:07
5. Bad Trip 03:14
6. Alcohol 04:47

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