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If you were one of the five customers who managed to nab a copy of 2019's "4 Corners EP" in the three days it was available back in 2019, you'll no doubt be approaching maximum buzz for this one. Similarly, if you caught Good Block's remix on the recent Amazonia reissue, or their equally awesome edits on the latest Orange Tree Edits, you'll know that this is gonna be utter buy on sight brilliance. For the rest, hit the clips and let me drop a little knowledge on your asses.

Good Block are a pair of DJs, diggers and production pros from London who happen to have that rare ability to translate their Michelin star musical tastes into excellent original tracks. Considering the breadth of influences on offer here, it's pretty mindblowing that they've brought everything together into one kaleidoscopic whole. Take "Opal" for instance, on which new age rave idents, breezy Sade-styled sax licks and dancehall perxs coalesce into a downbeat beauty or "Strato" which transplants YMO electronics into the Nu Groove hayday, snatches mutant strains of jungle and lays an ethno-vocal on top. 
Flip it for the similarly Japanese sounding title track, a vape-laden cousin of Ryuichi's "Tibetan Dance" who may or may not have overdone it with the 4-aco-dmt, and the poetic and playful sundown dancer "The Garden". So far, so flawless for Good Block.


Patrick says: I don't know how they've done it, but the second Good Block 12" is even better than the first. The duo gather up a whole host of influences (Sakamoto, Badarou, 90s Larry Heard), chuck in some ace idents (jungle woo and detuned toms) then translate it all into something completely fresh and perfect for Balearic, disco and house heads.


The Garden

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