How Much Time Is It Between Me And You

Image of Perila - How Much Time Is It Between Me And You
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Smalltown Supersound

About this item

Perila (Aleksandra Zakharenko) left her native Russia six years ago, landing in Berlin. Finding her place almost immediately – first at Berlin Community Radio and through that amongst a group of like-minded creative individuals (including her current flatmates Special Guest DJ and exael) – she started a regular practice of working on an expressionistic “sonic diary” of field recordings and electronic sound research for her own pleasure. When the opportunity arose to create her own podcast series, WET (or Weird Erotic Tension) was born. Upon hearing her evocative and atmospheric music layered with friends Nat Marcus and Inger Wold Lund’s erotic spoken word poetry, Sferic Records asked to release it, and Perila – a project name originally used for her BCR show – truly came to be. 


01. Air Like Velvet
02. Time Date
03. You Disappear You Find Yourself Again
04. Untilted
05. Blanket

Side B:
01. Memories Of Grass
02. Enchiz
03. Backyard Echo
04. Vaxxine
05. Cradle
06. Fallin Into Space

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