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FFO: Broadcast, Stereolab, Cate Le Bon, Cocteau Twins.

After making a name for herself in the Phoenix indie scene, Kristina Moore aka koleżanka spent 2 years touring as a member of Triathalon and ROAR. Life on the road defined her relationship with "place" and on her new album she considers just what "Place is.”

The album explores emotional space, places visited and the people you meet and leave along the way.

“The production on this Kolezanka is UNREAL and the songs are great.”–Emperor X.

“A charming new single. Moore’s vocals are spellbinding over a dream-pop concoction … [that] becomes more and more entrancing." – Stereogum.


Side A
1 Mouthful 3:37
2 $40 3:12
3 B2YP 4:43
4 Vegan Sushi 2:26
5 7th St/ 7th Ave 4:08

Side B
6 In A Meeting 3:33
7 Words For No One 3:53
8 The Offensive 2:55
9 The Mountain 4:33

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