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Ketamine Boogie

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Sweden's Mr. Tophat has this unique and faultless grasp of house music that means within the first few bars you're fully aware it's him behind the beats. "Ketamine Boogie" is no exception; creeping in with that subtle, low-volume master which makes you reach for the gains just before it drops into a full-frequency, speaker-tweaking cut. Utilizing a rollin' b-line, squelchy stabs and great spoken word interplay, he's crafted a quintessentially Tophat groove that simmers and broils the dancefloor into a thick aural soup. Mycket br!

On the flip the formular is extended to included some exotic sample sources, twisted and filtered into the concentric madness we associate with this Scando-superstar. Another cleverly placed spoken vox, mangled string swirls and expert EQ'ing complete the package. Absolutely fucking storming! You need this now! 


Patrick says: Matt, Sil and I fell in love with Mr. Tophat thanks to the entirely essential Karlovak releases, and when I slapped this on the Piccadilly player yesterday we all lost our minds. Filtered disco, nudged towards DC-10 tech house, but with a knowing manipulation of vocals and a pretty amazing approximation of what music sounds like when you're slipping into a k-hole.


A1. Ketamine Boogie
A2. Ketamine Boogie Tool
B1. Midsommar SE Lufthansa

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