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BAR Records 07

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BAR Records

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BAR07, a double A side featuring an 11-minute mind bending rollercoaster by JEANS and the debut of Blond, a new moniker by Oceanic, delivering the perfect spring / summer track.

"All Units We Have Shots Fired" deploys a definitive slant on UK techno; buzzing with ring modulation and flat-lined beats. Both stadium and basement friendly, it's a rawkus slice of new energy that'll captivate a young & up-fer-it crowd.

"Bright Grass Bodies" shimmers with almost holographic properties, an enchanted piece which hovers above a trpytamine-forest spreading peace and love vibes to all that encounter iit.



Matt says: Two proper sick pieces in very contrasting style. One's a heads-down, 3 pills deep techno rampage; the other, high on tryptamines, sat in your favourite rainforest retreat. erm, YES PLEASE!


A1. JEANS - All Units We Have Shots Fired
B1. Blond - Bright Grass Bodies

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