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An infrequent but invigorating contributor to Phantasy, U returns with a beguiling new single entitled "Ecstasy" Initially available as a limited pressing with a sleeve designed and printed by U themselves, this haunting return promises to draw the curious into two divine rhythms, transferring unknowable forces and mysterious energies.

The first side of the artefact portrays "Ecstasy", a wide-eyed and spectral incantation rich in intimacy, whispering voices and earthy psychedelia. Somewhere between machine funk and folk canticle, a sonic gift perhaps for a field in England bathed in moonlight, else a dire basement dripping in energy, "Ecstasy" leaves the system almost spiritually.

On the contrary, "Morpheus" presents a tougher meditation, a creeping jam with an analogue consciousness, ghostly rave echoes and a conundrum at its heart. The dream seems so real, but what if you can’t wake from it after all?


Matt says: Futuristic-cosmic-slop anyone?! YUM YUM! Two slow moving, concentric pieces of celestial machine music to help you oil the cogs of your mind.


A. Ecstasy
B. Morpheus

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