So Long To Farewell

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The twelfth studio record by Refrigerator expands the line-up to five with the addition of Mark Givens from WCKR SPGT on second guitar. Along for the ride are guest appearances by legendary singer Claudia Lennear (vocals on the first single “Broken Glass Shore”), Shrimper Records stalwart Franklin Bruno, and the additional hand of Scott Solter, who mixed the record, which rests in a gorgeous sleeve with artwork by Jean Smith. The lovely live bleed of a band playing together in one room— guitars spilling onto the drum tracks, cymbals biting into the feedback from the amps—captures the live sound of Refrigerator as never before on record as caught by engineer Steve Folta.

There are two physical versions of the record, one on black 160 gram vinyl, as well as a deluxe edition, available on green and white swirled vinyl that couples a bonus CD with six tracks to a fifty page Bamboo Dart Press chapbook that features drawings, short stories, photographs, lyrics and essays by the band, in an edition of 150 copies.


1. Broken Glass Shore
2. Drink Ourselves To Death
3. David Jove The Acid King
4. Tulsa
5. Time Well Wasted
6. Another Ghost Town
7. Corvette Winter
8. All The People I Lied To Are Dead Now
9. Greyhound Sundown
10. Part Time Lover Part II
11. From Eternity To 4AM
12. Masks In The Morning
13. I Could Be Anything
14. Jealousy Is Gone

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