L'Orange & Namir Blade

Imaginary Everything

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Mello Music

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Namir Blade controls the clouds and the concrete. With the blink of a synapse, his imagination conjures elaborate visions of valleys of death, bad Tijuana dreams, and shotgun raids. In the next breath, he’s blowing off texts, rolling out of bed around noon, and crooning falsetto pleas about his willingness to change. The Nashville’s latest, Imaginary Everything is a work of teleportation and twisted fantasy, a wig-flipping blast of surrealism and slang editorials. It is a journey and experience. A collaboration with the otherworldly producer, L’Orange.


1. Imaginary Everything
2. Lyra
3. Nihilism
4. Point To Point (feat. Quelle Chris)
5. Out East
6. Corner Store Scandal
7. Gassed Up (feat. Fly Anakin)
8. Shotgun
9. Somebody's Anthem
10. Late Nights Early Mornings (feat. Jordan Webb)
11. Murphy's Law
12. I Can Change
13. Pipe Dream (feat. Marlowe)

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