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Avenue 66

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Following up from his "TRUElipS" album from last year, SW returns to Avenue 66 with a 7 track LP titled "blewLIPs".

Fans of his squelchy, organic and blurred house music stylings are in for a treat here as he rides the pads, perx and compressors on first track "ElypsiaDANCEsentence"; characterized by one of his deep set, tribal bass patterns. While on "RotherDAMM", up next, we get the swirling, primitive cosmic techno / machine funk which has also charmed much of his loyal fanbase in the past and not a million miles away from the current FireScope remit...

Side B opens up with a chaotic, rigid jacker which would make Frak themselves sit up and take note. There's more loooose, psychedelic house music on "TranceCANs" before "RAMframe" concludes proceedings with one of his trademark breakbeat hybrids which you also find SVN and Sotofett dipping their digits in from time to time...

Mega stuff from this unique and elusive talent!


A1 ElypsiaDANCEsentence
A2 RotherDAMM
A3 DrumDUMMrace
A4 EscapePAPE
B2 TranceCANs
B3 RAMframe

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