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Sun / Moon

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Philip Shibata

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Sun / Moon album is made up of 11 tracks, all skilfully arranged songs which, although wide-ranging in sound, stick to a solid core of groove, guitars, and vocals. Drawing on Shibata's international life, travels and experiences, Sun / Moon brings together Neo-soul, city pop, j-pop, chill-hop, and lo-fi to create a space for all music lovers to enjoy together.

Sun / Moon symbolises the people, friends, hope, and faith, that kept Philip in the light, instead of wandering lost in the dark. These tracks take the listeners through the intimate and honest journey of a Japanese boy growing up, struggling, overcoming, and ultimately finding these songs to share and to encourage you.


1. Blindspot
2. Carry On
3. Boy
4. Sweet & Bitter
5. Getting Over
6. Saikai
7. Drifting (feat. Lauren Horii)
8. Eyes On You (feat. Montell Fish)
9. For Nothing
10. Sad World (feat. Earlybird)
11. Sun / Moon

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