DJ F16 Falcon

Sugar Dada

Image of DJ F16 Falcon - Sugar Dada
Record Label
Association Fatale

About this item

Brace! Brace! That record is a bouncing riddim, and we never know where it's gonna land: here noise or miami bass, there dark disco and then Balearic. What could be an easy puzzle for diggers always feels true though. Sincere, like the 14-year-old DJ F16 Falcon, going nuts on some American nu hardcore - the back of the record are actual screenshots testifying of that moment. A life ago, DJ F16 Falcon used to be a part of the noise music scene in Paris, releasing music under the Roger mpr moniker. He dropped the complicated stuff for dance music but kept the industrial touch. We all need some dance. And we all need a Sugar Dada.


A1 - You Make Me Feel So Good I
A2 - Sit On My Face
A3 - Love Blow Dem 40
A4 - Psy Rance
B1 - 1Tension
B2 - You Make Me Feel So Good II
B3 - Would You Like To Be A Gearstluz Too?

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