Rudy's Midnight Machine

Crystal Dragonfly EP

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Robin Lee returns under his Rudy's Midnight Machine guise delivering a sold dose of blissed out Mediterranean Jazz Funk circa 1981! Bringing in all the right sounds to take you away on a sun kissed cocktail dream. The opening track ''Dyane'' is full of light breezy keys cascading over a subtle rhythm track. ''La Rochelle'' is full of sunlight with great melodic hooks and light piano solos drift in and out,''Shy Smile'' takes the tempo down with a seductive breezy style.''Crytsal Dragonfly'' the title is more of a neo classical piece featuring a Korean lute and lush cello and string arrangemnets.Closing off with ''Pre De Minuit'' Robin starts off with the piano and adds dreamy rhythms as the track builds to close off the EP perfectly.


A1. Dyane
A2. La Rochelle
B1. Shy Smile
B2. Crystal Dragonfly
B3. Pre De Minuit

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