Return To Life

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Is It Balearic

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As the winter beats a hasty retreat, we're very much ready for a fresh dose of Balearic goodness, and who better to serve it up than Coyote? This new five tracker gives us exactly what our souls are in need of - laconic grooves lingering in an eternal sunset reverie with rock solid rhythm matched by a loose, organic flow as though the tracks just breathed themselves into existence. From the heavy-lidded dream of 'Return To life' to the super-smooth lounge pop of 'Save Me', the meditative mantra of 'The Eagle & The Snake' to the slick, catchy 'Wonderful', this is Coyote doing what Coyote do best.


Matt says: The more horizontal-leaning of the Is It Balearic releases this week; if you're sun lounger-bound at all over the next few week, chilled cocktail of choice in hand with the gentle lap of H2O in your ears; you simply NEED this record as the soundtrack.


A1. Return To Life
A2. Save Me
A3. The Eagle & The Snake
B1. Wonderful
B2. Cafe Con Leche

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