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Traditional Heart

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Into The Light

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"Traditional Heart“ is the second album by Gianni Brezzo - the band or the studio project – of the Cologne-based musician Marvin Horsch.

The title is by no means to be understood in the sense of an authenticity pathos à la love in times of Tinder, but addresses the process of musical production itself.

Says Brezzo: “This time the process of making music was more important than the product. Not to allow even a thought regarding the effectiveness of the music; pick up the instrument on impulse and put it away again; record again. Finding a rhythm during the process. At home.”

The result is an ephemeral and emotional listen, a blend of dreampop, treated guitar and ambient in the lineage of Cocteau Twins, Durutti Column and July Skies. This is hazy and heavenly downbeat for horizontal afternoons and it gets the biggest Balearic thumbs up from me!


Barry says: This perfectly immersive collection of tenderly plucked guitar and ambient electronics is beautifully accentuated with moments of driving rhythm and jazzy brass, offsetting the lysergic horizontal drift with pointed and momentous groove. Thoroughly gorgeous and wholly essential.


A1. Adult Ship
A2. Excited
A3. Mental Shower
A4. River
A5. Henry
A6. Hickup
B1. Moof
B2. I Told You
B3. Gwing
B4. Brem Bo
B5. More Hours
B6. The End Of

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