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Commercial EP3

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Following the repress of parts 1 & 2, Etienne De Crecy unleashes a BRAND NEW "Commercial EP" on Pixadelic. Continuing from the well-received series from 2006, EDC has conjured up two brand new slices of electro-house mayhem for when Big Rooms and festivals open up to the masses.

"Junk" rattles with a low-end riff comprised of a huge thick square wave. Arp ripples and thrusting pistons add the rhythmic edge whilst a plethora of smack-yer-face perx are included for maximum enjoyment. 

"Drunk" is slightly more stripped back more no-less stadium friendly. Guilded by a simple but weighted b-line; technoid squiggles and k-hole inspired sfx keep us locked to the primitive groove. Savage. 


1. Drunk
2. Junk

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