Connan Mockasin

Forever Dolphin Love - 2021 Reissue

Image of Connan Mockasin - Forever Dolphin Love - 2021 Reissue
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Because Music

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Celebrating 10th anniversary of both Connan Mockasin‘s debut album “Forever Dolphin Love” & career, Phantasy and Because Music release new editions of long time out of stock “Forever Dolphin Love” & “Caramel” (2nd album) Lps in exclusive Splatter 2021 Editions.

Welcome, folks, to the delightful, slanted and enchanted world of Connan Mockasin. The New Zealand born, current London resident Mockasin makes beautiful, off-kilter music which subverts as it compels, challenges as it mesmerists, startles as it seduces, even drawing fans as diverse as Johnny Marr and Radiohead to Ed Banger chief and ex-Daft Punk manager Pedro Winter into its wide-eyed, childlike exploration into the final frontiers of pop music. It is all too rare, in this current climate of manufactured pop acts, grey over produced 'alternative' guitar music and press-fuelled mania for the next-big-thing, to hear something truly striking and original, but a strong case can most certainly be made for Connan to be a true pop auteur, taking his rightful place in a proud lineage which includes past mavericks such as Joe Meek and Brian Wilson, right through to current cult heroes like Ariel Pink's, Sufjan Stevens and John Maus.


A1 Megumi The Milkway Above
A2 It’s Choade My Dear
A3 Faking Jazz Together
A4 Quadropuss Island
A5 Forever Dolphin Love

B1 Muss
B2 Egon Hosford
B3 Unicorn In Uniform
B4 Grampa Moff
B5 Please Turn Me Into The Snat

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