Steady On Now / Not You Again?

Image of Unknown - Steady On Now / Not You Again?
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More exclusive, irresistable and totally magical refixes by who must surely be Artwork (not official information just my own guess!). The third in the series following the acid house protest anthem, "Baby Baby Please" and "Stop".

Ditching the house for summat more grassy and organic, our trusted dancefloor chef touch up two invigorating slices of disco-boogie into a heady, full-throttle double A-side that's up their with Theo's Ugly Edits and Eric Duncan's COMBI edits.

Originals are completely unfamiliar to me too - only adding to its credentials. This series is on a proper roll - miss at your peril!


Matt says: Two crafty edits that really tease the dancefloor into a frothing pit of fun. Croatia may be cancelled this Summer but slap this one the backyard soundsystem and prepare to party!


A1. Steady On Now
B1. Not You Again?

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