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“Mono No Aware” is the first compilation to be released on PAN (2017), collating unreleased ambient tracks from both new and existing PAN artists.

Featuring Jeff Witscher, Helm, TCF, Yves Tumor, M.E.S.H., Pan Daijing, HVAD, Kareem Lotfy, ADR, Mya Gomez, Sky H1, James K, Oli XL, Bill Kouligas, Flora Yin-Wong, Malibu, and AYYA, the compilation moves through more traditional notions of what is called ’ambient’, to incorporat- ing wider variations that fall under the term.

“Mono no aware”, ‘the pathos of things’, also translates as “an empathy toward things”, or “a sensitivity to ephemera”. A term for the awareness of impermanence, or the transience of things. A meditation on mortality and life’s transience, ephemerality heightens the appreciation of beauty and sensitivity to their passing. In investigating the passing of time, the boundaries between memory and hallucination become blurred; between fiction and reality. The movement of time transforms into an eternal pres- ent.

*The album is mastered and cut by Rashad Becker at D&M, featuring photography by Molly Matalon. Now first the first time on clear vinyl, the 2020 pressing of this classic PAN title features updated design by N MRE 08.*


1. Kareem Lofty - Fr3sh
2. Malibu - Held
3. Yves Tumor - Limerence
4. Helm - Eliminator

5. ADR - Open Invitation
6. AYYA - Second Mistake
7. Flora Yin-Wong - Lugere
8. Mya Gomez - Justforu

9. Bill Kouligas - VXOMEG
10. Jeff Witscher - Ok, American Medium
11. TCF - C6 81 56 28 09 34 31 D2...
12. James K - Stretch Deep (feat. Eve Essex)

13. Sky H1 - Huit
14. M.E.S.H. - Exasthrus (Pane)

15. Oli XL - Heretic
16. HVAD & Pan Daijing - Zhao Hua 

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