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Japanese Telecom EP

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Clone Aqualung Series

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Japanese Telecom (aka Dopplereffekt / Der Zyklus) first outing recorded at the end of the 90's and officially released in 1999. A sonic exploration of the culture and technologies that influence daily life in one of the most advanced countries on this globe, the land of the rising sun. As a recurring theme in Heinrich Muellers work, the Japanese Telecom EP takes inspiration from the exciting culture of the upcoming internet, robots, high speed trains and game culture from a future past and combines this with Detroit's hi-tech machine funk. Remastered and re-issued for the first time since its original release.


Patrick says: Clone's Aqualung Series plunge deeper into the Drexciyan waters here, bringing us a much needed reissue of Gerald Donald's first album under the Japanese Telecom alias. Though perhaps not as polished as 2001's 'Virtual Geisha', it's still a vital piece of electro history with a dope Castlevanian aesthetic.


01 Rising Sun
02 Japanese Animation
03 Asian Amazons
04 Character Maps
05 Game Player
06 Nipponese Robots
07 Kubi
08 Bullet Train

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