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A new philosophy as time enters a radical history of our evolution. Being and nothingness in one, creatures of habit, the angels of nature, we can herald a new humanity.

DJN4 enters in homage. Optimus Yarnspinner. Edification through music bends, but does not break the untameable lost voices. This dissolution of ego, where culture exemplifies the principle of innovation through excess, the nocturnal brain sees only what it seeks.

The order of time is more than a conspiracy of the people, this enforced interlude does not mean culture's end. Our culture, music's culture, acts as a genome, a graffiti of society.

The psy, the rave, the sounds, the species, the food of the gods. Alpha Juno, Cyclon 303, mutable instruments and ideas collated, N4's modern mysticism to harness the Earth as a being of sound. This occult features an anarchism, offering us a collective immortality, allowing us, showing us, how to be more humane.

Across eight tracks, our DJ weaves a journey to the inner and outer digi sphere, a two-year search, in to steppas, out of dub, evoking legitimate synthesis and sensibility. Look beyond Zamonia. The lost Chord. An alien dreamtime. Tales of Z.


Patrick says: AIWO exciter and TAFKA DJ Normal 4 finishes his time in the penalty box and glides out onto the ice with an 8 track odyssey into misty breakbeat, pineal prog and key-gen techno. File next to Bufiman and those Phaserboys.


A1. The Orm
A2. Volzotan's Phogarr
B1. Natiff
B2. X Capsule
C1. Mind Expander XS
C2. Pillowed Zamomine
D1. Bollognaise
D2. Laptantidel

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