Chris Korda And The Church Of Euthanasia

Eight Billion Humans Can't Be Wrong

Image of Chris Korda And The Church Of Euthanasia - Eight Billion Humans Can't Be Wrong
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Mental Groove

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By the time Chris Korda broke one small, cis section of the internet (the Boiler Room comment section) the politically minded agent provocateur had been courting controversy for close to three decades. As the co-founder of the Church Of Euthenasia alongside Pastor Kim, Chris had promoted restoring the balance between Humans and the other remaining species on the planet via mass population reduction - Save the planet, Kill Yourself. As the world's only anti-human religion, the organisation encountered a whole load of opposition, not least when they took out advertisements for a suicide helpline, which helped you to commit suicide. Jerry Springer dubbed them a suicide cult, and their dadaist tactics bemused and enraged the minds of middle America in equal measure. But behind the scenes, behind the sensationalist headlines, Chris Korda was turning the fucking party with a string of essential techno, essentially militant club cuts, most of which are captured here. Highest grade tech-funk with heavily politicised messages and contributions from Chicks on Speed, Michelle Grinser and DJ Naughty. Anti-consumerist, anti-capitalist and heavily ecological hits for the thinking dancefloor.


A1. Buy
A2. Six Billion Humans Can't Be Wrong
A3. Sex Is Good (With Marilyn)
B1. Save The Planet Kill Yourself
B2. Buy More
B3. Sex Is Good
C1. Victim Of Leisure
C2. Stencil
D1. Fleshdance
D2. Steel Peas

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