Niklas Wandt

Balearische Bibliothek

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My favourite drum freak drops his first release for Italic, and only his second solo EP to date. A follow up to the fresh "Erdtöne" on Kryptox last year (if you overlooked due to the old panny-d, I highly suggest seeking it out), "Balearische Bibliothek" finds Wandt in cosmic mode, fusing elements of acid, e-funk, tropical pop, Nu-Goa and Berlin School into four danceable numbers for different ends of the night. As ever, the sound palette is rounded out with all manner of nuanced percussion, and Niklas makes sparing but superb use of vocals on possible showstealer "Peiskam".


1. Abraum
2. Zum Schmalen Handtuch
3. Forellental
4. Peiskam

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