The Hevalo - 2021 Edition

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Push To Shove

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LHAS - or, to use their full title - Larry Heard Appreciation Society are comprised of Felix Dickenson and Jamie Read and have released sporadic, but extremely well-received records in the style of Larry Heard since about 1996. "The Hevalo" was, I think, the duo's first record together - after a chance meeting in Brighton.

It captures that raw Chicagoan energy at a time when it was truly earth shattering and life affirming. It still is; thousands have copied the original blueprints because they WORK. But rarely are they pulled off with such authenticity and flamboyance as demonstrated here.

Four tracks of exemplary drum machine usage combined with gorgeous patches and highly melodic, space-alligned leads and sequences. Recorded nice and hot for maximum energy you'd be forgiven into thinking it was a lost classic from the legendary producer - exactly what Felix and Jamie want you to think when visiting this timeless vibe. 


Matt says: Repress of this early LHAS hit; a staple for deep house heads in the know for years and rightfully offered a new lease of life here. Felix and Jamie's tribute to the Chicago blueprint is sincerely and authentically executed.


A1. The Hevalo
A2. What, Why, When
B1. LHAS (part 1)
B2. The Way

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