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No Ordinary Game

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Just south of the roundabout, is a pulsing sign of life.

The well-spaced sunlit room with its polished concrete floors and olive-green banquettes, thrums with a certain optimism.

It's a slap on the back. It's a splash of cold water on the cheeks. It's a crushing bear hug of a welcome.

It's the first release on brand new edit imprint No Ordinary Game, and it gets double thumbs up from the Piccadilly posse. Concentrating edit efforts on the wavey tip of the Balearic ponytail where things get a little jazzier (in a fusion fashion of course) our editors train their scalpel on a trio of laid back gems, extending grooves to the maximum and slathering each cut with oodles of echo.
Prepare for some meditative melodies on the A-side, as Santana's beach front masterpiece "Aquamarine" spins into infinity, that dreamy intro eventually giving in to the super funky rock groove we all know and love. Drifting over onto the B-side we're treated to a strung out and psychedelic extension of Level 42 fusion moment "Dune Tune", all heady noodles driven by Mark King's unmistakable bass. Then bringing the curtain down, we have the transcendental sounds of fusion supergroup Brand X (featuring a pre gated-reverb Phil Collins behind the sticks). So far, so far out - we can't wait for volume 2!


Patrick says: As Mancunian temperatures reach a balmy 20°C, this brand new imprint launch right on time, treating us to a trio of brilliantly blissed out Balearic edits from the land of jazz fusion. Dope versions on a Delicate Wash / Cocktails By The Pool vibe.


A. In The Water
B1. Above Earth
B2. No Air

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