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Friends Of Friends

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Tomemitsu launched his music career out of his bedroom in Echo Park, Los Angeles. Early singles "in dreams" and "runaway" found their way onto HBO's High Maintenance soundtrack and his knack for dreamy, freak-folk became a signature trademark.

After debuting on the label Friends of Friends with a collaborative single “I’m just waiting for your love” featuring tour mate & Coachella performers, Steady Holiday, he shared a new EP: the I’ll Be Alright EP ahead of his full-length follow-up album entitled ‘Sun’ made up of Bedroom Pop, Indie-Folk and feel good Indie.


1. I'll Be Alright
2. Wish Erase Feat. Lala Lala, V.V. Lightbody
3. And Now (Sunrise)
4. The River
5. So Quiet
6. Say You Want Me Feat. Eva B. Ross
7. Secrets
8. Same Mistakes
9. A Little Prayer
10. When You Lay Your Head Down
11. Waiting For YOur Love (Acoustic)

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