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For the uninitiated, mysterious UK producer Ed Chamberlain dropped 7 essential EPs between 2007 and 2013 before vanishing from view completely. Across those 7 releases, 5 on his own Baselogic and 2 for Semantica, Ed laid out the blueprint for spacey electro, injecting maximum melancholy and heart-aching yearning into an often souless genre. Avoiding the electro cliches completely, Ed had a flawless run, and with increased attention on the producer over the last few months (including a retrospective on Lapsus), it was high time Semantica repressed this 2013 gem. 

On the A1, "Place" delivers the bittersweet synth tones of early Ultravox, filtered through the chemically assisted era of Rephlex and rendered through some of the cleanest, clearest and most powerful e-bass around. The emotion continues through the sunrise breaks and acidic squiggles of "Somefind" on the A2 (maybe this could replace "Emotinium" at the front of your festival box), while steady-rocking B-side "Landminder" is a darker take on the same style, this time with glacial keys taking the lead.


Matt says: Haunting glitch, Cornish acid and neo-industrial gothwave; not three genres you come across on one 12" very often. Ed Chambers smashing it outta the left field here for Semantica



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