Saucy Lady


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Star Creature

About this item

Another love letter to Star Creature from Saucy Lady - one of the label's most reliable and gorgeous signings!

Five original songs crafted with the traditional array of equipment and wrapped in an elegant, poppy and somewhat sunshine-imbued patina; the tracks have longevity, freedom and will reward the listener upon repeat listens.

One remix is provided by Golden Bridge whose take on "Calling Jupiter" is pure, unadulterated, jazz-funk. Rich with dancing flute lines, live syncopated drums, squelchy bass and some searing guitar solos; with its laid back, lounge vibe you'll be nodding your head along as you sip beers on the porch.

Perfection from one of the leading lights of the label. You need. 


Matt says: More of a city-pop vibe here from Saucy Lady on Star Creature. It's a welcome detour, if not least for the ultimately dazzling vista of Minnie Ripperton shimmering through "Inside My Love" - genius!


Side 1
1. Delirious (4:46)
2. Soul Amplified (4:45)
3. Panorama (4:05)
Side 2
1. Inside My Love (4:28)
2. The Garden (4:33)
3. Calling Jupiter (Golden Bridge Remix) (4:28)

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