Igor Jadranin

Heavy In Stereo

Image of Igor Jadranin - Heavy In Stereo
Record Label
Star Creature

About this item

Igor Jadranin debuts on Star Creature with a double A-side of fuzzy, sparkly, lo-fi future boogie.

Both instrumentals, "Heavy Stereo" combines a plethora of vintage drum hits with a dazzling array with synth work and lead lines. Echo-drenched piano chords and a rugged bottom line add the final touches to this peaktime floor filler. Meanwhile, "No Skip The Beat" slows things down and unpacks heavily compressed drums and buzzing leads; sounding like a Apron / Funkineven jam played at the wrong speed.

Inventive stuff from Jadranin which keeps Star Creature kickin' at the top...


Side 1

1. Heavy In Stereo (5:25)

Side 2

1. No Skip The Beat (4:23)

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