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Lapsus Records

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Lapsus reissues Ed Chamberlains's classic Baselogic releases. They're all going for silly amounts on Discogs but regardless of that, this is great music that more than deserves a reissue.

In 2006 the now defunct BaseLogic label released the first in a triad of EP's entitled 'Fixxy', produced by the enigmatic British artist Ed Chamberlain. These EPs left many electronic music lovers scratching their heads, having heard something genuinely different. It represented a new generation of IDM reminiscent of The Black Dog or Plaid, melancholic electro with a meticulous nuanced palate that immediately transformed Chamberlain into a revered figure. Fifteen years on Lapsus Records, as part of its 'Perennial' series, will release Ed Chamberlain’s superlative productions across 2 x 12", entitled '03/06'. The lavish 12” double pack will feature a sizeable part of the ‘Fixxy’ material, along with additional tracks created during the same period of time, 2003 – 2006, including 'Zarathustra' and 'Does Ape' -the latter released on vinyl in 2008 by Madrid label Semantica. For this special release all tracks have been re-mastered and will be pressed and packaged in a deluxe edition format.


A1. Styge
A2. Synthia (edit)
A3. Fixxy Gnepz
B1. Does Ape (edit)
B2. Dave
B3. Resistant (edit)
C1. Trapeze (edit)
C2. Gutz
C3. Zarathustra
D1. A Friendly Warning
D2. No November 8th 2003 (alt Edit)
D3. Charly

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