Tempo Tiempo Trax 1

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European Carryall

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This might be my favourite ever Telephones release. Pumping up the pace drastically, "Tempo Tiempo Trax 1" sees the producer adventure into a whole new genre catagory - loosly taking in Balearic, Detroit, Italo and ghettotech and creating a rich unique soundscape that's like jetsking across crystalline waters on magic mushrooms at a 100 miles per hour...

Bouyant and frenetic, inventive and playful; these fast dance trax are bound to grab the ears and body of all participants at your next local kness up. Fully endorsed by us here at Picc HQ. 


Matt says: Balearic-techno anyone? Ghetto-boogie? A swatch of new genre tags is requires for this highly inventive set from the Berlin-based Henning Severud


A1. Blue-Tek (Raw Mix)
A2. Blue-Tek (Dream Reprise)
B1. FV555 (Arkanoid Dusk Mix)
B2. FV555 (Sueñotechno Reprise)

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