Jacques Renault

Badi Badi EP EP

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Take Away

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Jacques Renault returns for a third Take Away serving and it's as fabulous the previous meals.  As always when Jacques serves up something it's solid, gutsy stuff without dogma. Dishing up a four course meal is not an easy task, you have to prepare and pick the very best ingredients, luckily this is the best of that, complete with the depth of musical flavour that only comes with a little age.
Mr Renault hits the sweet spot once again.
On the A-side we get a upbeat and optimistic bit of sunkissed funk via "Blue Eyes" before Eloise Laws' disco masterpiece (and personal fave) "Put A Little Love Into It" gets a snip and quantise, putting it within your price range once again (bet you wish you had triple copies like a certain staffer...). The B1 brings the perfect bridge between your house and disco segments as "Oh Yeah" offers a funk classic with added breakbeat beefiness. Last but not least, "Love Like That" is a saccharine sweet bit of French disco for the Balearic dancers and pop lovers like myself.


A1. Blue Eyes
A2. Into It
B1. Oh Yeah
B2. Love Like That

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