BMX Bandits

Janice Long 23.06.86

Image of BMX Bandits - Janice Long 23.06.86
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Precious Recordings

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"If I could be in any other band, it would be BMX Bandits." Kurt Cobain

Much loved in ultra-hip circles across the globe for 35 years, BMX Bandits are the extended musical family of Duglas T. Stewart. Many notable Glasgow-based musicians have passed through the group, among them Stewart’s childhood friends Norman Blake, who later founded Teenage Fanclub, and Sean Dickson and Jim McCulloch of the Soup Dragons, who also came out of Bellshill in Scotland. Both appear on this recording for long-term supporter Janice Long for the BBC. Recorded before the band had released their classic debut single ‘E102’, this session features some of their very earliest songs (among them a madcap version of live favourite ‘Strawberry Sunday’).


Strawberry Sunday
The Day Before Tomorrow
Groovy Good Luck Friend
Girl In The Pink T-Shirt

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