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Crystal Maze

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No Bad Days

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Welcome to the Crystal Maze. Your host Ruf Dug is here to guide you through this mysterious landscape.

Firstly, you arrive at the 'Future Zone’. You tap the passcode into the keypad. Success! The sound of Balearic Trance awaits you. Computer code scrolls past the interface as your mental state is set to Hedonistic Bliss. A race through space is the place.

No time to ponder though, as you are bundled onto to the next stage, a humid tropical haunt they call 'Aztec Zone’. Some sort of supernatural presence tails you as reverberating wails call out from the deep. Focus, focus. Secure the crystal, flip the disc and proceed to the other side.

'Industrial Zone' quickens your heart rate. Metal sparks, machines clash and synths ping about. You feel revitalised and assured in your chances of progress. Suddenly you are transported to a dark room with what appears to be a hologram of Ruf Dug presenting you with a crystal. Do you accept? Your hand reaches out but your feet give way. Crumbs - trap door.

You land with a crunch in the concluding 'Medieval Zone’, with a pair of sandals curiously strapped to your soles. With a quick sip of mead you are beckoned by the sound of a distant chime. Cue the Crystal Dome and roll end credits. All calm. The trip has come to an end but Ruf Dug is nowhere to be seen.

What has just happened? Was it at all real? Only one way to be sure. Return to the edge of NBD009 and begin your journey again - the journey through the Crystal Maze.


Barry says: There are few artists that can create an atmosphere better than our very own Ruf Dug. This time sees his pristine synths and impeccable production aesthetic tackle the IRL puzzle-platformer, Crystal Maze. Think tropical atmospheres and woozy acidic slew atop crisp kicks and snappy Italo snares, and you're about half way there. Brilliantly imagined and as ever, perfectly executed. RD does it again.


A1. Future Zone
A2. Aztec Zone
B1. Industrial Zone
B2. Medieval Zone

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