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Numero Group: A.R.T Wilson: Overworld. A new age album that draws as much from ethno-groove, Chicago house, and G-funk, as it does from primitive percussion and ’80s library music. Relaxing, gentle, and warm, the 10-song ambient suite was made for a multidisciplinary modern dance performance described as “Neo-Paganism, Pop Divas, YouTube, Yoga, and Death Metal side by side in a live performance that searches for transcendence in the most unlikely places.”


A1 Overworld
2 Rebecca’s Theme (Water)
3 Sun Sign Cancer
4 Janine’s Theme (Earth)
5 House In The Garden

B1 Rachel’s Theme (Fire)
2 Sun Sign Aries
3 Akasha
4 Sarah’s Theme (Air)
5 Past Life Regression

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