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Super Rhythm Trax

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Young yet nervingly, already seminal UK acid house label Super Rhythm Trax, celebrates its wonderful roster of artists with an absolutely slamming bumper double pack. Cut loud for DJ use, and featuring 10 tracks of their exclusive warehouse music, this is a perfect snapshot of this pioneering and cult-adored imprint. It features artwork from Giacomo Run Bufarini, a prolific street artist whose work appears around the globe.

For newcomers to the label: expect a healthy dose of 303s, 808s and 909s; pilled-up hooks, blissed-out atmospheres and a shed of attitude. These bad boys snarl, bang and grind; there's no time for deep house dreaminess on this excursion.

In super limited supply and flying out quicker than pharoahs at Pomona - move quick if you want in on these exclusive, high grade, nightclub workouts.


Matt says: Highly anticipated, blink-and-you'll miss it comp from one of the leading lights of the UK acid scene. Hardcore warehouse business from start to finish. All hitter no shitter!


A1. DMX Krew - Duke Beat
A2. Luke’s Anger - Blind Test
A3. Fear-E - Drunken Attic Conversion
B1. Jerome Hill - Plumphouse Groove
B2. Matt Whitehead - Mystery Of Mysteries
C1. DJ Raf - Espresso
C2. Cursor Miner - Back To Front Pants
C3. Mike Ash - Clone Cheek
D1. Dance System - Break It Down
D2. Jared Wilson - Srtraxx 2

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