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Dactylonomy III

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Pepe B, letting loose his wild side for a very experimental release on his own label. The third 'volume' of "Dactylonomy III" if you will, and very much fragrant with the rich, quirky, free expression of house music which the Frenchman has slowly concocted over the years.

"Major I" has thiiiiiick percussion slaps, weighty leads and an overall full frequency rubdown that'll tickle the stacks beautifully. Shunning any obvious passages of melody for a decidedly more adventurous route, the track's transportive and heady nature elevates it far beyond a strictly nightclub-orientated audiance. "Major II" sets to work with deep rumbles and distant sonars, the slowly encrouching lead stabs fizzing like wet phosphorous on the wax - parfait!

B side sees two instances of "Finger-Snapped". On the first, Bradock's weighty synth programming and skewiff yet enjoyable beats characterize the track. Delicate keys do swoon away in the background but its that upfront kick that'll grab you by the balls. "Finger-Snapped II" sees a growling, flat-lined techno experiment which demonstrates a sonic know-how, almost willingly turning tracks inside out and keeping you hanging on tenterhooks throughout. He honestly seems to get better with age! A pretty storming four tracks from house music's crazy French uncle. Recommended.


Matt says: I'm not one them 'Pepe Bradock is God' kinda guys. I can usually take him or leave him, barring "Deep Burnt" of course, everyone needs that. But I'm proper enjoying this wild, free, experimental side of him. House music needs a twist every so often and Pepe's the man to provide it!


A1. Major I
A2. Major II
B1. Finger-Snapped I
B2. Finger-Snapped II

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