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Distortion: The Best Of 1989-2019 (CD Box Set)

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Bob Mould’s career began in 1979 with the iconic underground punk group Hüsker Dü before forming the beloved alternative rock band Sugar and releasing numerous critically acclaimed solo albums. At the vanguard of his field for over four decades, Mould’s music has inspired generations of musicians. 

Compiled by Bob Mould himself, this new collection gathers together 73 essential recordings across four CDs. Highlights include classic studio recordings such as ‘See A Little Light’, ‘If I Can’t Change Your Mind’, ‘A Good Idea’, and ‘The Descent plus an entire disc of live recordings from the period.  Mastered by Jeff Lipton and Maria Rice at Peerless Mastering in Boston 

Includes a 32-page companion booklet featuring a foreword by Fred Armisen, a new essay by Keith Cameron, contributions from Richard Thompson, Shirley Manson, and Bethany Cosentino, plus artwork by illustrator Simon Marchner.


CD 1: 1989-1993

1. Sunspots
2. Wishing Well
3. See A Little Light
4. Poison Years
5. Sinners And Their Repentances
6. Black Sheets Of Rain
7. Stand Guard
8. One Good Reason
9. A Good Idea
10. Changes
11. Hoover Dam
12. If I Can't Change Your Mind
13. Needle Hits E
14. Tilted
15. Feeling Better

CD 2: 1994-2007

1. Gift
2. Your Favorite Thing
3. Gee Angel
4. I Hate Alternative Rock
5. Egøverride
6. Art Crisis
7. Moving Trucks
8. Who Was Around?
9. Sweet Serene
10. 180 Rain
11. Sunset Safety Glass
12. I Cannot Reverse You
13. Circles
14. Paralyzed
15. Days Of Rain
16. (Shine Your) Light Love Hope
(Morel’s Pink Noise Mix)
17. Hormone Love
18. Overload

CD 3: 2008-2019

1. Who Needs To Dream?
2. The Silence Between Us
3. Shelter Me
4. Very Temporary
5. Life And Times
6. City Lights (Days Go By)
7. Argos
8. Star Machine
9. The Descent
10. Keep Believing
11. I Don't Know You Anymore
12. The War
13. Tomorrow Morning
14. Voices In My Head
15. Daddy's Favorite
16. Black Confetti
17. Sunshine Rock
18. What Do You Want Me To Do
19. The Final Years
20. Lost Faith
21. Western Sunset

CD 4: Live Bob Mould Live At Cabaret Metro, 14th May 1989

1. If You're True
2. Poison Years
3. Brasilia Crossed With Trenton
4. See A Little Light

Sugar Live At First Avenue, 2nd November 1994

5. Hoover Dam
6. After All The Roads Have Led To Nowhere
7. Helpless
8. If I Can't Change Your Mind
9. Explode And Make Up

BobMouldBand Live At The Forum, 29th October 1998

10. I Hate Alternative Rock
11. Stand Guard
12. Egøverride
13. Hanging Tree

Bob Mould Band Live At Kutsher’s Country Club, 21st
September 2008

14. Paralyzed
15. I Apologize
16. Chartered Trips
17. Celebrated Summer
18. Makes No Sense At All
19. New Day Rising

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