Vague Imaginaires

L'ile Sous L'Eau

Image of Vague Imaginaires - L'ile Sous L'Eau
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12th Isle

About this item

The Underwater Island is a collection of four tracks from Grenoble based producer Denis Morin. Philosopher, gardener, father and sonic explorer, his relationship with 12th Isle dates back quite some time. Denis shared his music with the label during a visit to Glasgow almost 5 years to the day - and now the label has proudly pledged its wings they're ready to release it! "Vague Imaginaires" gifts us with autobiographical field recordings, FM synthesis and skilled sound design inspired by the ocean and the Drac river which flows through the mountains of his city. Harmonising natural sound sources with digital realms, he navigates through minimalism, ambient techno and flashes of dub inspiration. Morin combines these musical ideas with Roland TR-8, 303 emulations, hydrophone recordings and vocal fragments from Tunisia, Morocco and Vercors Massif.

It's a decidedly 12th Isle experience – full of wanderlust, intangible moods and deep rooted calm; wrapped in a velvety, shimmering patina. Recommended!


A1. Mais Qu'est-ce Que
A2. Space Birthday
B1. La Plage Sous Les Arbres
B2. Deep In Blue

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