Like A Good Old Friend

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PLZ Make It Ruins

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PLZ Make It Ruins founder Vegyn is an artist that pushes diverse sonics in both his solo work and his collaborations. ‘Like A Good Old Friend’ sees him follow up 2019’s debut album ‘Only Diamonds Cut Diamonds’ with a six track EP that effortlessly traverses electronic, dance, alternative and rap influences whilst retaining a playful, carefree attitude.

Vegyn created an impact on a global level through collaborating with Frank Ocean on his seminal ‘Endless’ and ‘Blonde’ projects, a partnership that lives on with Vegyn co-hosting Ocean’s Blonded show.

Vegyn’s other production credits, collaborations and remixes include Travis Scott, Kali Uchis, Dean Blunt, KUČKA, Duval Timothy, John Glacier, SebastiAn (Ed Banger), Porches.


I See You Sometimes (feat. Jeshi)
Like A Good Old Friend
So Much Time - So Little Time
B4 The Computer Crash
Mushroom Abolitionist
Sometimes I Feel Like I’m Ruining Songs

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