The Moons

The Lone Wolf

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Colorama Records

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The Moons return with their final single "The Lone Wolf' a mellow yet contagious number soaked heavily in melody and recorded in studio 2 Abbey Road London. The single is the third release from the successful Pocket Melodies album.

The Lone Wolf is an outcast. A lost soul stuck inside the narrow walls of his mind and possibly by choice. He built this world to save himself but dreams what it would be like to fit in. To be accepted. On the flip is a charming piano version of the working class love song An Ordinary Romance. The song features at the end of the Pocket Melodies documentary ‘Inside The Melodies’ and was a spontaneous live recording by Andy Crofts while sat in Black Barn Studios waiting for people to arrive for a session.


1. The Lone Wolf
2. An Ordinary Romance (piano Version)

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