2 Pac / King Tee

Keep Ya Head Up

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West Coast Classics

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Steadily working their way through my teenage mixtapes, West Coast Classics pair 2 Pac's most emotive moment (I'm happy to have that arguement with anyone - ed) with a slice of low slung gangsta shit from King Tee (and Ice Cube and Breeze). 
2 Pac's heritage, lineage and prominence within the civil rights continuum is second to none, and never did he express his opinion with more power and poetry than on 1993 single "Keep Your Head Up". Musing on the struggle of his community, misogyny, absent fathers and abortion rights, as well as black excellence, Tupac treats us to some of his most famous and pointed lyrics - seriously, it's shockingly relative to 2021! Musically, the Zapp-sampling beat is sweet and soulful, perfectly complimented by Dave Hollister's vocal interpolation of "Ooh Child". 
The B-side brings the lowest slung West Coast shit 1991 had to offer, King Tee's "Played Like A Piano". DJ Pooh slices up a Grover Washington Jr. sample into the kind of shit that makes your Alpine shake, while King T, Ice Cube and Breeze give us that cypher style delivery with maximum attitude. 


A. 2 Pac - Keep Ya Head Up
B. King Tee - Played Like A Piano (feat. Ice Cube & Breeze)

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