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Cyclops Track

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Novel Sound

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New Levon, and without sounding too harsh, it's nice to see the producer return to form. Let's be honest, there's been a few turkeys in recent years! I kinda dig Levon's imperfections though, and that he's not afraid to release stuff that might not always appease his fans...

"Cyclops Track" however, plays right into the hand's of his long-time supporters - demonstrating the producer's incanny knack at pairing almost Reich-ian repetition and minimalism with a taut, tense, club-ready patina. Split over two parts and epically long, "Cyclops Track" is a post-4AM smoke-n-stobe monster; destined to make you lose all bearings and any sense of direction in an ecstasy-soaked bout of early morning delerium. Absolutely dock-off and completely essential for any house and techno lover! Get them orders in quick!


Matt says: Yerrrp, feelin' dis one!! I always check out Levon's stuff. To not do so would be to turn your back on a Banksi. You're not gonna dig every single one - but his singular vision and uncompromising approach mean it's musical art one must keep up with!


Side 1
1. Cyclops Trx 1 (14:05)
Side 2
1. Cyclops Trx 2 (8:56)

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