Calibre & DRS Vs. Mark Ernestus

Bad & Badder

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Two dub edits of the Calibre track "Badman", taken from the artist's forthcoming "Feeling Normal" album. Deconstructed by Mark Ernestus, and featuring vocals from DRS; it's a perfect pairing of Calibre's hi-tech bass hybrids & Ernestus' pitch black electronic dread. DRS' inimatable Manc drawl inadvertently plummeting the track even deeper into the club with it's occassional flicker off echo-soaked embers.

Fans of all three artists involved are gonna love this, and with the cult following each artist garners, I doubt very much this'll still be available by the end of the week! 


Matt says: DRS, Calibre and Ernestus on ONE track? Are you fuckin' kidding me?! That's like a Manchester-based dub / techno stoner's midnight fantasy? Someone bring me some new underpants!


A. Badman (Bad Mix)
B. Badman (Badder Mix)

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